Water Damage

We specialize in water damage to drywall ceilings. Whether it is from a leaky roof,defective plumbing, or from the rainy season, we have seen it all. Our years of experience in the  insurance industry has given us the expertise to solve any water damage problem you may have.

Our reasonable rates often prevent you from using your insurance company and spend that costly deductable. Call us to discuss if you even need to use your insurance company, and we will assess your needs and the proceedure and give you a written quote on the spot. Remember the average length of an insurance claim is around 3 months and can be an inconvenience. We can do the work in days and have you back in your home within days. We usually do the work while you live in your home so we keep things as comfortable as possible for you.Call Kevin today for your free consultation at   778-908-0070 cell or email ceilingrepairsinbc@gmail.com

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