Ceiling Repairs

Water damage

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At Vancouver Drywall repairs, we specialize in texture repairs, artistically blending patch-ups and restorations into existing textures for a unified finish. We bring decades of experience in the application of SpanTex, RoughTex, StyroTex and Knock Down textures and finishes.

We are also experts in texture removal, transforming outdated textures into contemporary ones, or replacing them with a polished, smooth ceiling surface.

Many of our customers update their homes and install new potlights, remove Sunshine ceilings, or remove existing walls and need to repair their ceiling. This is where our certified drywallers can do the perfect repair, so you will never notice there was ever a repair made. (read our testimonials) Another common repair done to ceilings is from water damage. We ofter repair ceilings that have been damaged by Plumbers fixing leaky pipes (click on picture on the page). Whatever the damage,We can match any texture and blend it into your existing ceiling to save you time and money.

Contrary to most drywall contractors who will not guarantee results, WE DO GUARANTEE that we can fix any ceiling. See the list below of many other ideas for your ceiling. Call Kevin today for your free consultation at   778-908-0070 cell or email ceilingrepairsinbc@gmail.com

  • Water damage to ceilings  (stains and discoloration)

  • Popcorn ceiling texture removal

  • Drywall ceilings repairs

  • Repair holes made from plumbers and electricians

  • Replace ceiling stained from water damage

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